Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967 – c. April 5, 1994)

Anonymous asked: I was just wondering what camera you use to take you're photos on? X

I use disposable cameras. usually from boots where you can buy two and get the 2nd one for free and always with flash, disposables without flash are useless x

outherein asked: Hey there, I just wanted to personally say I really dig your pictures and wanted to invite you to submit any of your disposables to this page if you'd like. The goal is to get people from around the world to share how they spend their free time. I just went public today so all my photos are my own from the bay area and am trying to spread out. If you like the idea, it would be great if you could share any of yours. Thanks!

thank you! that’s a cool idea but I don’t want my photos reposted as the source will most likely disappear then, feel free to reblog them though x


The Black Keys @ Coachella 2012

Anonymous asked: your life


Temples @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London 💥